Sunday, 13 April 2014

Movie Review: Divergent

Hey guys! Last week Divergent was released in the UK and me and my friend went to see it. Oh my, it was amazing! It is definitely one of the best book to movie adaptations out there. It wasn't perfect but still one of the best so far.

Shailene Woodley portrayed Tris so well, i can't imagine anyone better suited for the role. I'm still not sold on Theo James as Four. In my opinion, he just looks way too old BUT he did quite a good job of portraying Four.
I loved the actors chosen for Will and Christina, they looked very close to how i pictured them in my head. My problem was that we didn't get enough scenes with them to really care about what happens to them.
Also, Al and Will looked a bit too similar that it did confuse me a couple of times.

I pictured Eric quite different whilst reading the book but i didn't really mind the movie Eric (those crazy tattoos though).
However, i didn't like Miles Teller as Peter. I remember absolutely hating Peter in the movie because he was just so evil. Movie Peter seemed more of like a bully who occasionally makes snarky comments.

Oh I loved Kate Winslet though.

The cinematography was brilliant. The world, the effects and the fear landscapes were done so well. It was all weirdly close to how i pictured it. My favourite scenes would have to be the zipline scene and all the fear landscape scenes!

Even though i was disappointed Uriah wasn't in the film and wasn't a huge fan of the Ellie Goulding soundtrack, the movie stayed very true to the book. It had great acting and everything was explained relatively well. I can't wait to see Insurgent! Apparently, Allegiant is being split into 2 parts - not sure about how i feel about that though.

Have you seen Divergent yet? What did you think? - Tess x

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