Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Foyles Bookstore//Westfield

Our school recently had a trip were we could choose where we wanted to go. One of the options was Westfield ,London. Since i'm a sucker for shopping, i obviously chose that option.
While we were there, me and my friend spotted "Foyles." This bookstore isn't around near where we live so we were pretty excited. Plus, we both love books.

The store from the outside

I saw SO many books that I wanted to get there (these broken stars, miss peregrines's home for peculiar children etc). In the end i got The evolution of mara dyer by Michelle Hodkin. This book is the 2nd in a trilogy and it's also extremely hard to find in our local bookstores. I put off reading this for SO long because the 3rd and final book got pushed back to November this year. If you love Paranormal with a mix of mystery and an unreliable narrator, you'll probably love this book. 

Just in case you cared what the bag looked like 

The evolution of Mara Dyer//It's so beautiful :')

We also tried macaroons for the first time (it was lovely) // Vanilla on the left - Ferrero rocher on the right

Thanks for reading! Be sure to comment if you like - Tess x