Monday, 5 August 2013

The Elemental series: Spark by Brigid Kemmerer Review

Spark is the 2nd book in the Elemental series after the 1st book Storm. This book is written in two POVs: Gabriel and Layne's. Gabriel is another pure elemental like his brothers but he has the power of fire. So when an arsonist is setting fires around town he is immediately accused. But if he didn't do it then who did?
Layne is a shy girl who is used to being pushed down in school and faces family problems at home but when she starts to become attracted with the hot ,popular Gabriel Merrick everything changes.
Cover of Spark

Having read the first book in this series and LOVED it , i knew i was going to love this one too. And i did. I knew i was going to love Gabriel after reading the first book and it was really interesting to read from his POV and see his opinion on things. I feel like i can sympathize with him more and understand the reason his acts the way he does. I loved learning more about him and his element of fire too and how he deals with controlling it.
Layne has a lot of issues with her family and i kind of felt bad for her but i loved how her and Gabriel got really close throughout the book. He really helped her through it all and she really progressed as a character.

One of the main reasons why i love this series is because of how funny it is. There's so much humor added in and i LOVED Gabriel's sarcasm in this book. It was action-packed and a real page turner. There is no doubt that i will be picking up this next book in the series.

If you love a good fantasy romance you should definitely pick up this series which starts with the book Storm.

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